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Sally Hart Retecki offers consulting support at the creative nexus of art and business. Working with organizations of all sizes, Sally provides short-term support for leaders and teams who want creative and pragmatic ways to launch, change or enhance how they convert their mission into thriving operations and successful projects.

  • healthcare clinical care delivery - working with clients to shape sound, technologically grounded operations that nourish both the art and science of medicine, enhance trusting relationships to deliver the highest quality care.
  • the arts - developing and delivering new forums for serious artists to create, collaborate and present their work
  • entrepreneurs - providing support to leaders and teams in creating change readiness, vision, design, planning and implementation and monitoring of large-scale change efforts as well as ground level operational improvements.
  • knowledge building and leadership decision support - helping organizations with creative methods to evaluate new ventures: what's working, what to save and what to sacrifice - particularly in the early stages of a new venture when highly valued, hard to measure intrinsic benefits are at stake



Sally Hart Retecki



Sally Retecki has an MBA from UC Berkeley (finance and a minor in whole systems ethics/decision-making), a BS from UCB in Conservation and Natural Resources, and has studied and developed a studio practice in the arts. Sally has provided change management support for over 30 years to operations in a variety of fields:

  • health care delivery (Kaiser Permanente - NCal, National, Oregon; 1991-2003)
    • primary care redesign
    • electronic medical record clinical content
    • integration of online services
    • assessment and evaluation of new/changed operations
  • financial services (American Express, Transamerica, Russell Miller Inc.; 1979-1987)
    • corporate valuations and acquisitions
    • corporate strategy - new markets and products
  • urban land economics (LSA Associates Inc, Hobson&Associates, Economic and Planning Systems, Sonoma County and Santa Rosa City Planning; 1971-1979 and 1987-1991)
    • open space plans, public need assessment
    • Need assessment and programming of new commercial real estate development projects
  • the arts (Artists Speak,, City of Tualatin; 2003-2008)
    • programs that nourish NW visual artists
    • Archived, published and presented large body of lost work of significant regional artist now being added to major public and private collections.
    • Public art selection support


From the Client Perspective

Sally has a strong track record in working collaboratively with leaders and teams at all levels - providing tools, guidance and responsive support.

"Sally has tremendous talent and skill. Her project management skills are excellent. ..She is very detailed but she is a strategic thinker. She helped me and my team tremendously with identifying and anticipating problems. She is creative in solution development. She is amazingly in touch with organizational politics and helped us avoid some potential conflicts early on. She was very involved with operations and became another pair of eyes and ears for us out in the field..... She is bright, detailed, strategic and diligent to the end. If you are looking for someone who is competent, dependable, ethical and bright, Sally is the person for you. "
Executive Director
Alliance A Portland, Oregon based medical group
Formerly Director, Online Services, Kaiser Permanente. Comment reflects work experience at Kaiser Permanente

"Sally is adept at navigating a complex environment such as KPNW which has a separately incorporated medical group, a labor-management partnership approach to decision-making and health care delivery, an insurance business, a dental program and a research business. Her interpersonal skills and warmth allow ready connection with individuals with diverse backgrounds and styles. She is able to quickly build trusting relationships.

"Sally is very intelligent and a quick study. She is creative in her approach... She is also thorough and not superficial in her analysis and recommendations. Sally is a hard worker, with incredible commitment to quality results.....results that are credible and relevant. Her evaluation of the initial phase of the implementation of secure email messaging for KPNW members and clinicians resulted in agreement on the part of the medical group that online services, including secure messaging, should become part of basic clinician practice."
Former VP of Service,
Kaiser Permanente NW
now retired

"I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your exemplary performance this past year.... Your contribution to this important work has been a critical factor in ensuring success as we have moved the Adult Primary Care business imperative forward....thank you for your extraordinary work .."
Associate Executive Director
The Permanente Medical Group

"Good sessions and I learned a lot.... Many thanks for your efforts to make us better painters and artists through your emails and Artists Speak series. Your hospitality and connections help us all. Thanks."
Oregon artist

"Sally took an instrumental role in researching and developing alternative implementation measures for the Community Development Element of the Sonoma County General Plan. She:

  • developed a methodology for implementing the General Plan
  • developed a comprehensive interpretive analysis of environmental and land use data to identify growth management preserves
  • developed area-specific implementation strategies arising out of the evaluation and application of appropriate implementation tools
  • maintained close contact with other public agencies at all stages of the development of implementation strategies
  • presented the above to citizen groups

Sally worked independently, contributing highly satisfactory creative efforts with enthusiasm and initiative."
Former General Plan Coordinator,
Sonoma County, CA



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